Other ministries

ming2During 2003 – 2007, Allison has taken four small women’s ministry teams to various countries and was a member of another two ministry teams herself. Additionally, she has ministered internationally alongside indigenous ministries, working in conjunction with different ministry leaders.

For example, in Ostrov, Czech Republic, Allison has spent time working with church planters supporting and encouraging them in their varying ministries. The youth pastor has developed strong relationships within the local secondary school community and Allison and one of her teams were able to go in and conduct English conversation classes. The classes were an overwhelming success with the school principal showing his appreciation by presenting the team with a basket of traditional Czech goodies!

ming3Chandelier Ministries, through Allison and her teams, seeks to build up and encourage others in their various ministries endeavours. Leadership development is a particular passion for Allison, with a strong desire to equip and empower leaders to fulfill their calling. Allison has helped many women be released to minister more effectively, be it in formal Christian ministry or through everyday activities like playgroup. Another area of interest is assisting churches in developing their outreach ministries, such as craft nights.

ming4During Allison and her teams’ (Fiona and Mandy) 2006 visit to Hungary and the Czech Republic, she was powerfully released to minister prophetically to about ten different congregations and women’s leadership groups. The Lord was faithful and Allison was able to bring a specific prophetic word to each of the groups and with Fiona and Mandy minister to dozen’s of women around the nation.