Our vision is to equip, empower and release Christians into powerful and effective ministries that

 “Reflect the Light of Christ”


Our vision is focused on equipping, empowering and releasing people into ministries that reflect Kingdom of God values, principles and love.


Kevin graduated in 1989 from Monash University in civil engineering and has worked as a water engineer and manager for Melbourne Water since then. In 1994 he completed a Masters in Tropical Public Health Engineering at the University of Leeds in the UK where his passion for water and sanitation for developing countries grew.


Chandelier Ministries was established in 2004 to raise the funds and support necessary for Kevin and Allison to take advantage of the many and varied opportunities and invitations they were presented with to equip, empower and release other Christians and Christian organisations into achieving their goals.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Programs

The very basics of life for every person involve drinking water and disposing of excrement – actions we can usually take for granted in Australia. However, around the world over one billion people do not have access to safe water and about 2.5 billion live without adequate sanitation.