Chandelier Ministries was established in 2004 to raise the funds and support necessary for Kevin and Allison to take advantage of the many and varied opportunities and invitations they were presented with to equip, empower and release other Christians and Christian organizations into achieving their goals.

At that time, and for the following seven years, Chandelier sponsored both a Water and Sanitation project in Vietnam as well as the International Playgroup Training Course that was run multiple times in the Czech Republic and Hungary as well as in Argentina, the Phillipines, and Conneticut (USA).

During 2011 – 2012, Allison completed her Masters in International Health and was (and continues) volunteering for a number of Faith-Based Development NGO’s.

In 2013 Kevin and Allison relaunched Chandelier Ministries in order to respond to a number of invitations to “equip, empower and release” Christians into programs and ministries that “reflect the Light of Christ” in their local communities.

A chandelier is made up of many crystals. Its job is to reflect light. We want to be like crystals; to have pure hearts that can reflect the source of all light and love: Jesus. The name “Chandelier Ministries” came from a prophetic word that Allison received through an intercessor based in the United Kingdom in 2003. The picture the intercessor saw was of a huge, heavy chandelier, which had lots of crystals like droplets of rain falling from the main hub.  The hub is the Lord and our lives are like crystals.