Our vision is to equip, empower and release Christians into powerful and effective ministries that reflect the Light of Christ.



We all have skills that we can use to be a blessing but we can also pass those skills on to others. Chandelier wants to network and link people together to equip them to fulfill their goals and vision.

vision1 Equipping

  • Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) awareness and promotion
  • Technical water and sanitation advice
  • Health project capacity building
  • Project proposal development



The Holy Spirit works in us to transform us and then through us to bless others. Chandelier wants to be vehicle for the Lord to use to bring transformation to us as individuals and to those He leads us to minister to and work with.

vision2 Empowering

  • Relationship building
  • Personal transformation
  • Networking
  • Leadership development
  • Confidence building



To facilitate partnerships that can provide a platform for equipping and empowering Christians. Chandelier wants to facilitate the release of individuals and teams to plant and build holistic ministries nationally and internationally.



  • Individuals and teams
  • Facilitating partnerships
  • Organizations and individuals to fulfill their vision and dreams