Kevin Hellier

Kev profile

Kevin graduated in 1989 from Monash University in civil engineering and has worked as a water engineer and manager for Melbourne Water since then.

In 1994 he completed a Masters in Tropical Public Health Engineering at the University of Leeds in the UK where his passion for water and sanitation for developing countries grew.

After a trip to Vietnam to explore the potential for a water/sanitation project, Kevin joined an “I-Care” team and went to North China to assist with a latrine project. The latrine designs were developed by Kevin and are being replicated in many other villages in the Gansu Province. Kevin has played a significant role in the water and sanitation project that Chandelier Ministries has partnered with AoG World Relief in Vietnam.

He served on Waverley Christian Fellowship’s (now Citylife Church) missions board/advisory council at different times between 1990-2003. He is the Chandelier Ministries Treasurer.



Allison Hellier

profile pic 2Allison has been involved in formal Christian ministry since 1987. She spent six years working with “Students For Christ” on the university campuses, initially while she completed her Bachelor of Arts (International Politics/Australian History) and then full time as a staff worker.

From 1998 until 2003 Allison pioneered one of Australia’s largest outreach playgroup ministries, Kidz Bizz Playgroups, at Waverley Christian Fellowship (now Citylife Church). She left a thriving ministry of fourteen playgroups running in ten different suburbs and a senior leadership team of six women.

In 2001 Allison was the founding President of the Christian Playgroup Network, an interdenominational network of playgroup representatives in Victoria, Australia. She held that position for three years.

In 2004 Allison completed a post-graduate diploma in International Health through Monash University, and then in 2011 she graduated with a Masters in International Health after completing a research thesis examining three approaches to sanitation and hygiene.

Allison  has served as a volunteer with TEAR Australia since 2008 and has gained considerable experience reviewing project proposals as part of her role on one of TEAR’s funding committees.

In 2011 Allison began working with Allan Toole from Living Water Development assisting him with project planning and proposal writing. In 2013 she accepted a position with LWD as a Program Officer.

Her overseas work has included trips to Malaysia, Vietnam, Belarus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Indonesia, the Philippines, Argentina, Myanmar and the United States and has largely been in either the International Health field, Christian ministry, WASH (water, sanitation, hygiene) or for the training of churches in establishing playgroup ministries.