The financial strategy we believe the Lord has given us is to hold one fundraising event per year and to trust that He will provide all the necessary finances for that years projects. We are excited to say that God has been very faithful and the Ministry has finished each year with a small surplus.






Some supporters choose to direct debit their support throughout the year, others have committed to donating prior to a trip or when the Lord provides them with a little extra. We are extremely grateful to all who support us both financially and through prayer.


We give all thanks and praise to Him for His abundant provision and faithfulness.


Throughout the year we try to keep all of our supporters up to date with what’s happening via either an e-newsletter or a simple email. Prayer requests, news and Ministry updates get sent out regularly as we are very committed to the idea that anyone who gives or prays is a part of the Chandelier Ministries TEAM.


If you would like to receive regular updates please use our Contact page.

Alternatively you can follow us on Facebook.

Financial contributions can be made in a variety or ways from our donations page.


Chandelier Ministries is an incorporated association and is administered by a Committee of Management.

It operates under the Consumer Affairs – Victoria, Rules of an Association.